Farting With Bae

Cleverly edited blooper footage from the “When You’re Over Dramatic” video, with premium fart noises mixed into the audio. If this doesn’t at least make you smile, you’re probably a robot.

When You’re Over Dramatic

We all know people that need “Warning: I’m Crazy” tattooed on their forehead… shoutout to everyone off their meds.

Proposing To Bae

Dropping down on one knee and asking your significant other to spend the rest of their life with you can be pretty intimidating… especially if you ain’t got no job, live with your grandma, can’t grow a full beard, etc. No need to worry though cuz I got you, just watch this video and get […]

Ocean Dance

After all of my computer documents were tragically lost in the summer of 2014, one burned demo of Ocean Dance was all I had left from two years of recording music. And although I was never going to be able to finish it in the studio without the project files, I figured I might as […]


This is my hopeless romantic take on a cold that just won’t go away. “What if the doctor’s wrong, and there’s no flu… what if I’m just plain lovesick, without you. Would you take that risk, come and rescue my heart? Would you come and heal me… would you please, would you please, would you […]

Extreme Wilderness Survival Episode 01

This is the pilot episode of an Internet comedy series based on surviving in the wild. The main character, who clearly isn’t as much of a survival expert as he thinks he is, usually has very little patience for the mere existence of his significant other. EWS Episode 01 covers starting a fire, finding food, […]

Alex From Target Rap

In case you blinked and missed it, #AlexFromTarget is now an overnight Internet superstar thanks to a very successful social media experiment by Breakr. From hundreds of memes to an appearance on the Ellen show, Alex is experiencing 15 minutes of rockstar status. Here’s a video of me turning up in Target and rapping about […]

On A Date Parody

To define life in one word: smartphones. I mean, how else are we supposed to start our day? And eat? Breathe? Do anything really… Most of us are so attached to our mobile devices, we’re practically asking for an appearance on A&E’s Intervention with a one way ticket to Smartphones Anonymous Rehab Center. Here’s a […]

White Girl Pumpkin Spice Parody

Fall is here, so you know what that means… basic girls doing basic stuff everywhere. And white girls loving pumpkin spiced anything seems to be the epitome of basic girl obsession. Here’s a parody of Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot Boy”.

Feed Me Parody

Sometimes us dudes lack the inventory, funds, and expertise needed for a good home cooked meal… and subsequently find ourselves scraping together random ingredients to make “funky-butt burritos”. Sometimes we just need a bae to come over and feed us. Here’s a parody of “Believe Me (feat. Drake)” by Lil Wayne.